A downloadable wild ass for Windows

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this is in pre pre pre pre pre pre alpha state

this is my minecraft clone there are many like it but this one is mine!



move:  w a s d

look: mouse

scroll in your hotbar: mousewheel

use current item(not added yet)/ place currently held voxel(added):rmb

break voxel:lmb

inventory: tab

drop the currently held item: q


current crafting recipes


wood planks logs in both slots(logs have my template block icon since i haven't made a icon for the logs yet)

sticks(useless) wood planks in both slots


how add custom voxel textures


step 1: go into the digcraft_Data folder

step 2: go into the StreamingAssets folder

step 3: open the config.txt file

step 4: replace "use_custom_voxel_textures = false" to "use_custom_voxel_textures = true"

step 5: edit the "customVoxelTextureAtlas.png" file




please take into consideration that making a game is really hard so if you request a feature don't allways expect it to even be easy to add

and no i won't release source code yet


ignore the white creature it's just there for debuging

but it does like apples but you cant feed it yet


as allways if you find any bugs please tell me and i will try to fix them


if you are wondering how the terrain works it basically is a mesh that is regenerated every time you do something to the terrain like change a voxel it seems simple but it's not easy to do at all especially when you have to make sure not to add faces of the mesh you can't see


unity is a good game engine using nvidia physx for it's physics engine and it has support for raytracing in the beta versions so don't get mad at me for using it and no im not gonna switch to the beta version of unity

and yes unity does require you to be a programmer and you have to know c# i don't know why im even putting this

it's reputation was ruined by people that wan't to make money by selling games with only free assets and scripts that they downloaded from the internet



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verison 33 MB
opengl port test 1 4 MB
opengl port test 2 12 MB
OpenGL port Test 3(latest) 2 MB


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